Our History

Koperasi Kampung Jawi JB was registered on June 1, 1972 under the name of the Jawi Multipurpose Cooperative Company under the Cooperation Company Act 1948. It was established for the Group Settlement Area (GSA) of Ban Foo land. At that time, the original land was overgrown with native trees, so Ban Foo’s landowners had agreed to name the village as Jawi Village in conjunction with the many native trees around the village.

The main activity at that time was the rubber plantation. In 1984/85, the government acquired Ban Foo land for a water dam project and granted land at Lot PTD 5444, Paloh District, Kahang to replace the land taken.

On September 03, 2001, the name of the Cooperative was transferred to Kampung Jawi Berhad Multipurpose Cooperative (KSKJB) under the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 and registered with the Farmers’ Organization Board (LPP) with the same registration number as at that time a plantation-based cooperative was placed under the LPP while The fisheries-based cooperatives are placed under the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM).

On August 25, 2008, the Cooperative was renamed the Kampung Jawi Cooperative (KKJJBB) and registered under the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (MCMC) with

registration number 4583. But in September 2012, due to a technical error, the Cooperative’s registration number was changed to 4733. The Cooperative’s registration number and name remain to this day.

The cooperative was composed of 194 members comprising 173 Malays, one Chinese, 12 Indians and 8 Indian Muslims.