Etiqa Takaful Insurance

KOJAWI has been involved in insurance trading since 2011.They trade Etiqa Takaful plans. The products are as listed:


Automotive Insurance

Additional coverage:

  • Windscreen coverage
  • Additional accessory coverage
  • Additional driver coverage
  • Flood damage coverage
  • Natural disaster coverage
  • Passenger liability legal coverage
  • Legal liability coverage

FIre insurance

Foreign Worker Coverage Insurance

Houseowner and Householder Insurance

SPIKPA Insurance

PA Insurance

Domestic Servant Takaful Insurance

Takaful Guarantee

Various policies

We offer a huge range of insurance policies.

Travel Insurance

For the frequent traveler


World Traveller Care Insurance

Advantages :

  • Medical coverage
  • Travel Delays
  • Loss or delay of baggage
  • Loss of travel documents
  • Death as a result of accident
  • Terrorism coverage